Your FAQs

Is your soy sauce gluten free?

Yes, our soy sauce is gluten free. We use gluten free Tamari based soy sauce.

Where do you source your meats from?

We source the majority of our meats from Carlton Farms, located in Carlton, Oregon. In addition we source our premium Wagyu beef patties, also known as Kobe in Japan from a local farm in Klamath Falls. To learn more about how Carlton Farms is making a difference in our community visit their page.

Why don't you have coors light or bud light?

We try and source as much local products as possible as this is our business model. We believe our community has many great things to offer. You can find a variety of local breweries on tap such as Kaiser Brewing Co, Located in Forest Grove, Oregon to Ridgewalker Brewing & Waltz Brewing